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Elementary Education Handbooks

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Background Check Disclosure Notification Form
Be sure to select the correct form.  The Background Check Disclosure Notification Form is listed under Recruitment Forms and the sub-heading, Background ChecksBoth pages must be signed even if no information is entered on second page.  Complete, sign, and send to:

TEHE Department
P.O. Box 26170
Greensboro NC  27402

or Fax to (336) 334-4120, Attention:  TEHE Department

Also see UNCG Policy on Background Checks to determine if you are required to complete a background check in connection to your employment.

Course Addition Request Form
Use to ADD a course

Course REVISION Request Form
Use to CHANGE a previously submitted Course Addition Request (above) or  a course currently listed on the online course schedule (live course)

Faculty Registration Override Instructions
Faculty override in UNCGenie to override registration permission(s) for a course(s)

New Faculty Employment Instructions

Special Project Funding Application

Special Project Funding Request Procedures

Student Data Form
Pre-employment information 

TEHE Payment Request Form
Use to pay an individual a sum of money.  Can be payroll, independent contractor payment, vendor payment, participation incentive, etc.  This provides administrator with the information necessary to determine how an individual is to be compensated within State of NC guidelines.

TEHE Reimbursement/Purchase Request
Submit original receipts, along with form, to department if requesting a reimbursement.  For a purchase request, submit form only.


TRV-1 Example: Blanket Authorization to Travel
Must submit at beginning of academic year to obtain authorization to travel throughout the year.

TRV-1 Example: Monthly Reimbursement Request
Submit to department by the 10th day of the month following the month of travel

Travel Log & Mileage Chart
Must submit along with monthly travel reimbursement request.  Workbook includes two worksheets:  1) travel log to record trips and 2) mileage chart that includes most area schools.  If your travel does not include schools on the mileage chart, submit mileage documentation in the form of Googlemaps, Mapquest, etc.

Travel Policy, Procedure and Forms

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